Cedar Falls Directions Map

SummaryPark Office #: 740-385-6841

Cedar Falls has the greatest volume of water of all the falls in Hocking County, with water plunging 50 feet. It is easily the most photographed of waterfalls in Ohio. The name Cedar Falls is a misnomer, the result of mistaken identity. Early settlers to the area misidentified the stately hemlock trees as cedar trees; but the name Cedar Falls has been used ever since.

Fun Fact

One less known aspect of Cedar Falls is the story behind the 100 steps leading from the parking lot down to the waterfall. Designed by mathematician, artist, and architect Akio Hizume, the serpentine stairs were designed to be as graceful as the water that lies beneath them. The step lengths vary to the rhythm of the Fibonacci sequence and the one-dimensional Penrose lattice. The implementation of this mathematical concept helps harness the relaxing feel of the surrounding woods and water.

Trail Map and Directions

Cedar Falls Trail Map

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